Personal Concierge Service

Joyways is the name of the personal concierge service I provide for our local, Prescott, AZ, elder community.  If you – or someone you know – need a lift, have errands to run, want a pick-up or delivery, or have chores that require assistance, Call Rusty!  In fact, almost anything you need can be yours with a simple phone call.  My joy in life is helping others, so . . .

Call Rusty!  928-310-0699


I am a ten-year Marine Veteran.  I have worked in many capacities in my "civilian career" ranging from service engineer to general manager All with a strong emphasis on customer service.  During the past fourteen years, I have worked as an entertainer aboard the world-renowned Grand Canyon Railway, where I have continued to hone my customer service skills.
My wife, Jean-Ellen, our two dogs, and I enjoy living in Prescott (Williamson Valley), especially our membership in the Center for Spiritual Living Prescott.  This is our kind of town!

Basic Fee:

     $25 per hour

     $.55 per mile

     Special weekly or monthly arrangements are welcome.  Just call & we’ll figure out how to fulfill your request.