Joyful Living Productions


Joyful Living Productions is the aspect of our work that provides products and activities to encourage joyful choice-making. 


In February 2012, for example, Joyful Living Productions hosted two house concerts featuring Kansas minstrel, J.F. Stover.  We were pleased to donate proceeds to a local spiritual-living organization in support of its fine work.


Joyful Living Productions is also the publishing arm of the Center for Joyful Living and we now offer Jean-Ellen Kegler’s book, A Fine Line.  Details below.

Red is headed for Line School!  That's right.  Red, a conscientious and hard-working young line, is going to Line School to become a Circle, just like his well-respected parents.  Read what happens as Red tries his best to do the right thing and make his parents proud.  Even with the help of a well-meaning Guide Line and a rather stern Head Line, Red's efforts don't go quite as hoped or planned.  A fine adventure!


A children's book, A Fine Line is written for anyone ~ at any age ~ who needs a little reminder that we are wonderful just the way we are.


Retail Price:  $13.00

Center for Joyful Living Price:  $11.50 (includes FREE SHIPPING!)