About Us...


Jean-Ellen Kegler

Jean-Ellen has been choosing joy all her life, from sharing crayons to brushing horses to cooking for friends.  "People call me a Pollyanna," she says, "and maybe I am.  But I feel as if I'm just part of a greater truth:  the Universal, Connecting Good."


One evening in early 2001, Jean-Ellen saw the words "" in her imagination.  She purchased the domain name and wondered what it would bring.  Now, over a decade later, she's beginning to discover the possibilities.  When, in 2007, Russ Rogers walked into her shop (called "Joys") on Route 66 in Williams, Arizona, she found the loving partner who would join her in helping others make Joy a life choice.



Rusty Rogers

As an entertainer, Rusty brings joy into many lives each day.   Growing up in rural Wisconsin meant simple pleasures and those remain his preference. 


A former Marine and corporate guy, his interests have taken a spiritual turn and he's having fun studying various philosophies.  One of his favorite teachers is Abraham (of Abraham-Hicks), who has this reminder:  "It is as easy to create a castle as a button.  It's just a matter of whether you are focused on a castle or a button."  Rusty is eager to discover what his focus on the Center for Joyful Living will manifest, and he's enjoying each moment.