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Welcome to the Center for Joyful Living, a place where we gather choices for joy, where we invite and share strategies for lifting ourselves into joy in each moment.  Yes, each moment contains the potential for joy, and we want to develop the ability to be fully present to that possibility.


          Have you ever said, “That really lifted my spirit”?  You may have been more accurate than you realized.  “Lifting of spirit” is the act of raising our energetic vibration, bringing us nearer to alignment with The Universal.  We know when someone or something elevates us; we can feel it.  This is the joy: the energetic, vibrational “lift” we seek at the Center.  


           We are Jean-Ellen Kegler and Rusty Rogers; click on "About Us" to learn more. 


FAQ:  Just where IS this Center for Joyful Living? 

Answer:  Inside each of us. 

Answer #2:  There also may be an actual building someday -- it certainly exists in our minds.


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